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We do not collect information that is suitable for personal identification, registration only requires a functional e-mail address. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to any third party, or send unsolicited e-mails to you. We may send, however, information about major changes in the website, or events at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. You may give additional information about yourself (age or country, for example) on a voluntary basis that will help us prepare statistics about site usage. We may also gather information about our users' performance in individual tests or problems, which can help us improve this website. BME TTK has the right to publish these derived statistics via electronic or printed media.


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BME TTK reserves the right to amend or replace the Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be notified of any substantial changes by a prominent notice on the website.

Information about the site

Name of the site:
BME Alfa
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Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Dr. Márta Láng-Lázi
Head of Maintenance:
Director of the Division of Telecommunications and Informatics
Dr Anikó Csákány (2012), Eszter Rozgonyi (2013), Ilona Nagy, Zoltán Molnár, Dr Zsolt Lángi (2014-)
Dr János Kornis, Dr Balázs Gombkötő, Dr László Füstöss (2012-2014), Dr Zsolt Papp (2015-)
Moodle administration:
Éva Rácz, Dr László Ruppert
Technical assistance:
Anikó Péterné Kovács, Miklós Gergi, Péter István, Dávid Sík
Éva Rácz
Magdolna Szőke, Patrícia Keszler
Faculty of Natural Sciences,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
3 Műegyetem rkp.
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